KMH Champions League Game 11


KMH CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2017-2018 Group D, MatchDay 11
FT: HFCA FC 0-6 Pisnoka FC

DATE : 27 March 2018
TIME : 20:00 PM



Pisnoka FC
#98 ឯក វណ្ណះ 28’
#68 អ៊ុង វិសាល 32’61’69’
#10 ពេជ្រ វិធីយ៉ាយុទ្ធ 66’

#31 កាណាល់ 90+2 

3 minutes after kick off, both teams played very well, but there was a bit of pressure into our half. After a while, we started to lose the ball and we don’t have a lot of ball possessions.  Unlike other matches in the season, we successfully defended our goal in the first 25 minutes after kick off without conceding any goal.

In this match, we passed the ball a lot to the flank and we were able to cross it into the middle and created a lot of chances for goals. After losing the ball, defenders and other players needed to run and chase the ball back or return to their  primary position. Defenders have to stay focused on the ball while defending; sometimes they rush, losing control of the ball, and allowing the opponents to score easily.

HFCA played as usual l throughout the match, but the two goalkeepers both conceded three goals each. Both teams applied a lot of pressure to the opponent,, but HFCA still needs to work more on defense.

Match Report by Vitou Nun from Liger Leadership Academy

Watch a full replay of the game by clicking here

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