KMH Champions League Game 8

FT: HFCA 1-5 Blue Dragon X-Sport

DATE : 06 February 2018
TIME : 18:00 PM

#8 ម៉ែន មុន្នីរ៉ា (Men Monira) 76'

Blue Dragon X-Sport


#7 ផល សុផាត (Phall Sophat) 4' 35' 67' 
#11 ម៉ន់ វ៉ាន់ដា (Mon Vanda) 15'

#19 សាចាន់លាភ ( Sachan Leap) 46'

The first minute of the fixture, the Dragons put a bit of pressure on  our defense, and unfortunately they were able to get a goal in, shot by Vandda, wearing number 11. The pressure was applied to our left flank, showing that we will need to improve our left side defense. Attackers need to play with patience and use their time wisely.

The Dragon’s defense played with good technique, but without much physical strength, but they are able to catch our attackers in an offside trap. After Monira was subbed in, HFCA was able to have much better ball possession, and had a lot of aggression during the golden time. Four neill up for them makes us exhausted with the game. But again, as Monira stepped onto the pitch, HFCA attackers were able to manipulate the ball well, and we finally banged in a goal like a hot knife through butter from Monira in the 76th minute, allowing HFCA follow the Dragons with a score of 1:5.

Every single player played well, but we had a bit of a gap in  the first half; after Monira subbed in, however, our team was finally able to score a goal. Furthermore, we have to work harder on performing counterattacks,  and playing well with our defenders. Everyone has to work harder for every single match that we have.


1. Moung Bunrourn
5. Chak Vannara
26. Roeng Narat           
25. Chun Keorith
6. Chan Rityy
4. Roeurn Bunrong
13. Cheng Mao
10. Som Sokla
19. Kin Ratana
3. Mut Sakpich
Huon Neasa

Subs: Keo Sang, Man Ramao, Hem Sreng, Seng Saray, Sin Phiyou, Chan Sophondara, Men Monira, Chan Minea

Coach - Vibol Chao

Match Report by Vitou Nun from Liger Leadership Academy

Watch a full replay of the game by clicking here 

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