KMH Champions League

Established in 2015, the KMH CHAMPIONS LEAGUE brings together some of the best football teams/clubs from the major football leagues across the capital. The league aims to become one of the major football tournaments in Cambodia.


- To help increase the level of football in Cambodia
- To bring together companies/organization to participate in CSR activities
- To demonstrate how companies, organizations, sport clubs, and media can work together to impact society
- To provide a platform for young footballers to grow technically and mentally
- To build network and partners with other football leagues and football communities.

HFCA is very excited to be taking part in this excellent tournament. With all 24 players coming from our youth academy and having decided to focus on giving them the opportunity to play rather than bring in outside players, competing in this league season is always going to be tough. With other teams using professional footballers and foreign players the standard in the league is very high. 

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Season 2017/18
Season 2018/19

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