KMH Champions League Game 4


Pisnoka FC 8-1 HFCA


For the first few minutes of the game, our team did very well, with our midfielder controlling the ball. Our defender also did well clearing the ball away and passing to the midfielder. In the 14th minute, the opponent had a chance to shoot a freekick. It was a good shot, and our defender cleared it well, the other team’s midfielders crossed in and headed to make goal, so that they ended up scoring. The second goal that the opponent shot in our goal cut in from the right and got headed; our defender was unable to close them. As the game went on, we had a chance to take a corner, and our Captain successfully headed in the ball, making the score 3:1

In the first few minutes of the second half, the opponent scored again, exhibiting great skill in passing the ball. In the 56th minute, the opponent shot in another goal, where our defender and goalkeeper should have done better in keeping them from scoring. As the game continued, the other team scored us three more goals, making the score 8:1.

Our team played very well, creating a lot of chances to shoot, but sometimes in the game we forgot to close the opponent, which caused us problems. Our defender also cleared out a lot of balls, which kept the other team from scoring too many goals.

 1. Bunroeun 
4. Sreng 
7. Vannara 
14. Sokchea
19. Pheakdey
16. Dara
12. Monira
5. Bunrong
20. Ratana
15. Phiyou
23. Sakpich

Subs:3. Bunlav, 9. Ramao, 10. Sophal, 11. Rithy, 13. Malivy, 18. Saray, 22. Sokla

Coach: Paraic Grogan
Assistant Coach: Vibol Chao

Match Report by Vitou Nun from Liger Leadership Academy

Watch a full replay of the game by clicking here

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