Football Phnom Penh Community Program

Every weekend up to 200 disadvantaged boys and girls come together from our three partners across the country to train, learn and grow.

Our Phnom Penh program has been running every Saturday since November 2005 and having started at a local outdoor high school pitch we are delighted to be our current venue Cool Sports Club for five years now. Four stand alone astro turf pitches with three under cover plus one outdoor pitch give us the facilities we need to cater for different age groups and abilities. 

Sessions last for two hours and the players practise essential skills such as passing, control, shooting, heading and dribbling. There is always a game at the end which is their favorite part of the program as they practise their skills and try impress the coaches. Our players are divided into four groups, Boys U14, Boys U16's, Senior Boys aged 16 and over and Girls aged 14 and older.

All four coaches in our Phnom Penh program are HFCA program graduates who have come up through the different age groups at HFCA and eventually been selected to play for Cambodia at a Homeless World Cup. Senior coaches Rithy Chan and Sophondara Chan have been part of the HFCA program for close to ten years each and are widely respected by all the program participants. 

In October 2017 HFCA launched a new weekly program in Siem Reap based on the model we use in Siem Reap. With two indoor pitches on astro tuft its based on our Phnom Penh program.  The program manager and his assistance coaches are HFCA program graduates from Siem Reap and former Homeless World Cup players. 

The message to all program participants in both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap is always the same, train hard, listen and respect your elders, go to school and stay away from alcohol and drugs. When they hear it from their peers it means so much more.