Cycle Cambodia


Regrettably the board of HFCA  made the decision to cancel the Charity Ride in Cambodia this year due to travel restrictions and the uncertainty surrounding the development of  COVID-19.

We fully intend to reschedule the ride  for 2021 and will keep all interested riders informed.

It is our intention to hold a fundraising cycle event  in Melbourne later in the year.

For those of you who like a challenge or just enjoy a cross cultural experience, rolling past stunning temples, watching breathtaking sunsets and meeting inspiring people – this is your ride!

A 10-day/9-night trip starting in Siem Reap and ending in Cambodia’s Capital City, Phnom Penh. Join a two-wheeled adventure which will provide a genuine insight into what is widely known as Cambodia’s West Tonle Sap Trail, covering 190km of scenic cycling.

Not only will you add an awesome dimension to your own travel experiences, be immersed in some of South East Asia’s wonders but your participation will directly support the local players of the Happy Football Cambodia football programs through- out the region.



·       Movie night at your local cinema. Easy to organise if sharing a general session.

·       Know someone cool, interesting, inspirational? Ask them to speak at a breakfast with invitees  in a local café. Percentage of breakfast takings and donations for HFCA

·       Or same idea  at a dinner/ BBQ with door prizes and raffles

·       Organise a local sponsored ride or workout/swim/walk

·       Having a Kris Kringle at the office? Ask for donations for HFCA

·       Ask your car club/ bike club/ book club golf mates to host an event or sponsor activity. (24 Hour team Cycle)

·       Gift giving this Xmas. Give your friends and family a card telling them what you bought for HFCA on their behalf. Footballs, boots, uniforms, first aid kits.

·       And if you want to start with yourself, clean out your closet/garage. Part with clutter and sell it on ebay.

·       Drink one less coffee a day between Dec 1st and the ride you’ll have $600 by the time you head for Cambodia

This inaugural cycling tour of mild/moderate difficulty with flat terrain gives you the opportunity to join in football training sessions, meet the children and experience firsthand why programs such as these are so important to the future of its participants.

Cost: US $1995 (including bike hire, meals & accommodation, does not include flights)

*US $400 of the tour price is donated to Happy Football Cambodia Australia's Projects.


DAY 1 • Siem Reap Airport Pick Up, Welcome Dinner DAY 2 • Angkor Sunrise Discovery DAY 3 • The Real Cambodia - A Day In The Life DAY 4 • Transfer to Battambang, afternoon cycling DAY 5 • Battambang, Phare & Phnom Sampou DAY 6 • Battambang & Transfer to Kampong Chhnang DAY 7 • Cycle Oudong to Phnom Penh DAY 8 • Islands of the Mekong DAY 9 • HFCA Practise and City Tour DAY 10 • Time to Say Goodbye


This is a completely flat ride on back roads and trails. We spend minimal time if any on anything resembling a main road, so there is rarely any traffic at all. The road is generally a mix of sealed or hard-packed dirt. At times it can be uneven and bumpy, but perfectly achievable if you are confident with your balance on a bike. The fitness requirement on this tour is not high due to the lack of hills, short distances and relaxed pace.

For more details and to book, head here:

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