News 1Coach Andy Sports Academy (1CASA) cancel CIYFT tournament

COVID-19 has meant that 1CASA have had to withdraw their support for this fundraising tournament.

HFCA and 1CASA (1Coach Andy Sports Academy) signed an official MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) in July 2018, lasting until December 2021. One of the main goals of the MOU was an annual football fundraising tournament for HFCA to be held in 2019, 2020 and 2021. We named the event the Cambodian International Youth Football Tournament. 1CASA are based in Phnom Penh and work with private schools in the capital city.  Their goal was to bring these schools together so they could contribute to HFCA's work with underprivledged youth. 

1CASA made several attempts to host this important fundraising event in 2019 but sadly none came to fruition. COVID-19 has meant that 1CASA have had to withdraw their support for this fundraising tournament.

(L to R) 1CASA Head Coach Greg Preston and 1CASA Founder & Sports Director Andy Hains

HFCA relies on donors, sponsors and fundraising events such as this to survive so naturally we are disappointed that something that we have been working on, together with 1CASA, for a couple of years now, won't be going ahead. Particularly in the current climate, things are tough for HFCA and other such organisations, so we need to be even more focused to be able to continue offering opportunities to our disadvantaged Cambodian youth.

- HFCA Sponsorship and Donor Manager Jon Hammond

t is with great regret that we inform you that we are presently not able to for fill our commitment due to the ongoing COVID-19 challenges. We are deeply frustrated at having to cancel this event after previous postponements, but we are sure you can understand that we need to do our part in keeping people safe here in Cambodia. We continue to support HFCA in other areas and look forward to a day when we can think again about planning a fundraising event in the future. For the meantime, please stay safe and well.

- Andy Hains, Sports Director, 1CASA