News 2011 Metro RAHU Charity Cup (Phnom Penh)

The second HFCA Charity Cup sponsored by Metro RAHU was a great success.

The 10 team tournament was held at Phnom Penh premier venue Kids Cool and once again was a sell out. This event was first held last year and raised much needed funds for our trip to the Homeless World Cup in Rio.

With the 2011 Homeless World Cup fast approaching the $US3,000 raised at the Metro RAHU Charity Cup will pay for the players passports and travel insurance. HFCA Head of Coaching Jimmy Campbell is the driving force behind the Charity Cup and for the second tournament in a row his team Phnom Penh Celtic made it to the final and lost, this time to the mighty Smart Mobile!

Congrats to the Smart Mobile team for winning the final 4-3.

Also massive thank you to KPMG, Paddy Rice, Westminster Whites, Kids Cool, Phnon Penh Celtic, Tiger, Fish, Waterlilly, Westminster Reds and 2011 Metro RAHU Charity Cup winners Smart Mobile for taking part in this event. 

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