HFCA sign new partner deal with Build your Future Today

In October last year I went to Siem Reap to visit the Build your Future Today project, as they were very interested in our work and I wanted to learn more about what they do. Siem Reap is home to the world-famous Angkor Wat temples. After a 14-hour bus ride (I was told it would be 4 hours by the bus company!), I arrived exhausted and a little bit grumpy.

The next day I met Build your Future Today's founder Sethda Long and I knew it was worth the trip. An amazing man who survived unmentionable horrors during and after the Khmer Rouge period, Sethda told me about the 24 villages they are helping in the jungles surrounding Siem Reap. This is our first year working together and they will send four youths once a month to our program in Phnom Penh. They will be competing to represent Cambodia at the 2014 Homeless World Cup in Chile.

"The opportunity that the HFCA program has afforded the BFT center is invaluable. This occasion gives our young men the potential to see new places and expand their horizon. This opportunity also may help to provide a greater sense of purpose through representing their home through an activity they love."

BFT Founder Sedtha Long (in a yellow t-shirt).

"We imagine that our young men will further develop as people through this prospect... Confidence building, proper training, and a life experience appears to be offered via HFCA. This activity not only provides a possible experience to our young men, but to our entire organization as well. Forging new connections with new agencies is quite important in our line of work. Branching out allows us to utilize exterior resources in order to benefit as many people as we possibly can." Sedtha Long, Mr. Founder & Director of Build Your Future Today Center (BFT), Siem Reap-Cambodia

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