2015 Champions Mexico and Argentina await Cambodia

The draw for this years Homeless World Cup showed no mercy as we drew one of the heavyweight of the competition Mexico as well as Argentina. The opening group games are always tough but we are excited about the challenge that lies ahead. Also in our group are fellow Asian countries Indonesia and India as well Burkina Faso from Africa. 

Looking forward the Cambodia v Argentina game, their Team Manager Sergio J Rotman said the following "Playing with Cambodia is always a lovely match. First of all, we 're friends with their staff. Every year there are new players in both teams but fortunately we can show them our spirit to enjoy a match, try to win and also respect the players on the other side. I say play with and not against because in HWC there are no rivals. All the teams play together fighting the homelessnes, the poverty and the exclusion.
Cambodia, Argentina and Columbia team group shot. Pic Mik La Vage
"Everybody love playing soccer. Everybody must enjoy the event and fill on their body of positive energy to change their minds and try to develop their lives in a new way.  The results in the pitch are simplry an  anecdote. They must become stronger of spirit and try to support themselves and other players to have the same experience. Returning on our matches I will always remember when in Paris, we played a very closed match. I decided to protect our 3 best players as 2 of them were injured and the other was ill. I told the players I trusted on them. They could manage the match and also made an exhibition of friendlyship. So they started receiving the Cambodian players into the pitch with a human bridge."

Cambodia shoot against Argentina in Paris in 2011. Pic Mik La Vage.
Sergio describes his players reaction after the games as such "For this match our captain was Cristian. After the match he was angry because think we didn't want to win. But later on, he received a lot of congratulations from people who saw the match and he realized what the real meaning of HWC is. In Mexico, we played 2 closed matches. And we are sure that following matches will be very difficult for us because Cambodia is one of the teams that show every year new skills. You have an excellent coach and players who want to learn so it is easy to wait a strong team team in futures HWC. I think HWC family would celebrate when it happens."
You will be able to watch our games LIVE right here:
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