HFCA legend Monira switches Premier League teams

Monira recently transferred from Cambodian Premier League team National Defence to Svay Rieng Football Club. The club are based in Svay Rieng province close to Vietnamese border so it was a big move for Monira to leave his family in Phnom Penh. Since playing in the 2009 Homeless World Cup in Milan he has dreamed of been a professional footballer and knows that involves making sacrifices. Earning $US200 a month which is more than twice the average national wage Monira can support his family and aims to help his club repeat their Cambodian premier league win of 2013.

"I want to thank HFCA and Homeless World Cup for giving me this opportunity play football for my country in Milan.  Been part of the HFCA program changed my life forever. Without that support I would not be a professional footballer today and not able to support my family and stand on my own two feet" 
Monira Men

Monira at his home in Phnom Penh. Picture Mik La Vage.






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