Striker Mut Sakpich aiming for lots of goals in Norway

Family Name: Mut 
First Name: Sakpich
Year born/DoB: 09 January 1999 
Joined HFCA: 2014 
Partner Organization: Cambodian Childrens Fund
Position: Attacker 
Favorite Team: PSG (France)
Favorite Player: Demirely 

Background: I grew up in Kampong Speu province but moved to Phnom Penh in 2008. My family situation was very difficult back then. I lived in a very poor area and couldn’t attend school, so I moved to Phnom Penh with my uncle to try and get an education.

My friend knew about CCF and told me to come and join the football program. Playing football with CCF has made me much healthier because I am exercising more and eating better. I joined because I wanted to get experience and training from other players so that I could become a better footballer.

How do you feel when you have been selected for the Oslo 2017 Homeless World Cup in Norway in August 29th – September 5th? I feel so happy to have been selected for the Homeless World Cup. I hope we win, but mostly I am looking forward to visiting Norway, and seeing how people from other countries play football.

 What do you think after the Oslo 2017 Homeless World Cup? After Homeless World Cup, I will study hard for passing my class and taking more training on football for making my dream become true. 

No one made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.

Edmund Burke, Irish orator, philosopher, & politician (1729 - 1797)