KMH Champions League Game 3


 ពួកម៉ាក់ United 4-3 HFCA


On the Friday the 1st of December, 2017 HFCA played against PUKMARK FC, with the final score as 4-3 to PUKMARK FC.

In the first half, a lot of passes were wasted for HFCA. Pukmark FC scored a goal in the first 5 minutes of the the first half. As the first half was about to finish, HFCA scored a wonderful solo goal by the Captain, Men Monira. During the first half overall, HFCA seemed to play better in the final minutes.

In the second half, the match was more interesting to watch, because HFCA players had a strong commitment to push on counter-attack. Monira again scored a stunning free kick, allowing HFCA to lead the game 1-2.

 On the same half, PUKMARK FC seemed to play with less confidence, allowing HFCA to play with better teamwork and communication, where each player played with more confidence in controlling the ball and passes. About halfway through the second half PUKMARK FC scored a goal to equalize the aggregates. Again, PUKMARK FC scored a header from a cross where the HFCA defenders were not alert about the incoming ball. At about the 70 minute mark of the game, HFCA equalized with a stunning outside-of-the-box kick by the player who wears number 2, Sreang. As the match went on,  HFCA players seemed to have less energy, which allowed PUKMARK FC to force back stronger. At the end, HFCA conceded a decisive penalty where the final result was PUKMARK FC 4 - 3 HFCA.

This match showed that HFCA players exhibited  some improvement from the previous games. Furthermore, the players should train harder with passing and running toward the ball. Otherwise, the players play with a lot of confidence. No matter the result, our players put on and give their best toward the team.

1. Muong Bunroeun 
2. Hem Sreng 
5. Vannara 
Chan Rithy 
9. Ngorn Sokchea 
14. Chan Sophondara 
8. Men Monira 
4. Roeurn Bunrong 
11. Chan Minea 
13. Cheng Mao 
3. Huon Neasa 

Coach: Vibol Chao

Match Report by Vitou Nun from Liger Leadership Academy

Watch a full replay of the game by clicking here

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