Help us get Sokla and Sochat there via our Crowdfunding Pozible campaign!

The HFCA team have been working hard to secure funds and sponsors to send the team to Oslo in Norway. We are asking you to dig deep and help us raise the funds to send Uon and Sochat, to join their team members in Oslo and give them this once in a lifetime opportunity to represent their country.

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The 2017 Homeless World Cup commences on 29th August in Oslo, Norway. The team of 8 players has been selected and are training hard to represent their country. This will be the 10th Homeless World Cup in a row that Cambodia have been represented. Last year in Glasgow, the team finished 33rd (from 48), taking out the Mens Globe Trophy, and Chan Minea won Best Male Player of the Tournament.

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and get some great rewards such as a postcard from Norway, a photo album of the team's best moments of the tournament, or a replica HWC jersey!

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