HFCA's Monira and Sreng face each other in the Cambodian Premier League

Monira who played at the Homeless World Cup in Milan, Italy was playing with Western FC in the top league in Cambodia, whilst Sreng, who played at the Homeless World Cup in Paris, France was playing with Kirivong FC. 

Monira, back right, with his Western FC team

Sreng, front middle, with his Kirivong FC team

They faced each other in February when Western FC beat Kirivong FC 2-1 and again at Kirovong Stadium, Western Province on Sunday October 15th. HFCA Country Manager Vibol Chao was there to see another 2-1 victory for Western FC.

When asked what factors played the biggest part in his success Sreng said:

"I think it is because of the hard work that I've been trying to do. Also because of the organizations I have been living in with the CCH organization and the organization who I have training with HFCA, especially the Svay Rieng FC, Boeung Ket FC, and now Kirivong Sok Sen Chey FC"

"I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all my supporters who have been assisting me to allow me to make my dreams of becoming a professional footballer a reality.Thank you!"

Monira and Sreng have both now signed for HFCA and play in the KMH Champions League.

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