Funkin' The Bay VIII

Our 8th annual Funkin' The Bay boat party fundraiser event was out of this world!. A great turn out once again to support HFCA and ACE.

Check out all the photos here


Thanks as always to the amazing DJs... DJ Peril, DJ Ayna, Lady Langers, The Vinyl Vixens, J-Red, Chris Gill, Max Vegas, misterjon and Clayton!

Thanks to the volunteers who helped....Clayton Newell, Paraic Grogan, Jon Hammond, Janice Bell, Dee-Arne McVeigh, Lana, Michael Harris, Mac Sharni, Mardi J Brown, Pete Gurrie, Captain Leigh, Adam & Emily Pearson, Kylie Whyte and anyone who shared and supported this event. Apologies to anyone missed.

Thanks also to Rent The Rig, PBSFM, RRR, KissFM and Plakkit!

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