HFCA redoubles our efforts to grow and build our girls football program

In June last year as we did a review of our all program activities we became aware that our girls program attendances were low. Whilst HFCA has always been committed to girls participation since we first started operations in 2005, we knew we had to try harder. After extensive consultations with our partner Cambodian Children's Fund we signed up 40 new female players from their program and they started attending the HFCA program in August.

Laughing and having fun whilst playing is important for teenagers! Picture P Grogan.

We also hired a female coach to work with our new players. All of our new players really enjoy football and are very determined to make the most of our football programs. Some of them have exceptional skills and it amazing to see how they improve every week.

HFCA partner Cambodian  Childrens Fund's Scott Neeson voice his support for our girls program.  Click HERE to watch (or click image)

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