HFCA team enjoying Champions League challenge

Since our first game in this top class professional league our HFCA players and staff has been learning so much. The KMH Champions League is a top class professional league with 32 teams competing to be crowned the winners in July. The regular season runs from October till May with the finals been played in June and July. 

HFCA team (in blue jerseys) shaking hands with AEU before our historic first game in the KMH Champions League.

Our squad of 24 players are been pushed to the limits physically, tactically and mentally but they are loving the experience. We are five games into our fourteen game season and now we train every Sunday as well to prepare. 

 Team Captain Monira (in our red kit) leads the team out in our second game against Blue Dragon.

All our players are from the HFCA youth Academy and former Homeless World Cup players. The KMH Champions League rules allow each team to select up to four foreign players as well as Khmer players from any other league in Cambodia. HFCA is 100% committed to giving disadvantaged youth world class opportunities so we selected the 24 players exclusively from our program.

Special guests Scott Neeson and his brother Norman joined us on the bench for our fifth game of the season against Avartar FC.

Whilst the team has given our best in our five games so far its been a very steep learning curve and sadly we have lost all of our games so far. We have nine games left in the season and we know we will improve. Thanks so much to everyone in the KHM Champions league and ISI Group for giving an opportunity to be part of such a great competition. 

In action is our captain Monira (wearing red) from our fifth KMH Champions League against Avatar FC.

For results and reports head here

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