KMH Champions League Game 6



In January 12 of 2018, HFCA played against Svay Chrum and won with a score of 2-1. We hope for the same results on Tuesday, March 13th. Overall, Svay Chrum is one of the best teams in the group stage, as they work together really well.‚Äč Svay Chrum has a lot of talented players. Some of Svay Chrum’s players are also coaches for other teams, and one specific player, “Tit Dina”, plays for the national team.


Before the previous match started, the commentator predicted a 60% chance that Svay Chrum would win the game; however, against the odds, HFCA won. Their defenders were physically strong, like a wall, which made it difficult to enter the dangerous zone and score. Svay Chrum had a lot more ball positions than we did. HFCA was smart enough to fight back and found the opportunity to get the ball and score. Svay Chrum’s attackers and midfielders worked together really well in the center of the field. They attempted many shots and passed often, but they only scored one goal.

Our team has been getting better throughout the competition, but we are currently second to last in the group stage. HFCA expects the second match against Svay Chrum to be much harder so our players must come ready and prepared!

1. Muong Bunroeun 
18. John Pheakdey 
5. Chak Vannara 
9. Ngorn Sokchea 
6. Chan Rithy 
10. Som Sokla 
19. Kin Ratana 
4. Roeurn Bunrong 
13. Cheng Mao 
3. Huon Neasa 
12. Mut Sakpich 

Coach: Vibol Chao

Match Report by Vitou Nun from Liger Leadership Academy

Watch a full replay of the game by clicking here

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