KMH Champions League Game 14





DATE : 30 May 2018... 



HFCA’ s match against KCC Paint on May 30th, 2018 was incredible. Both teams gave 100% effort in the last game that both team had. The game result was KCC paint beat HFCA 6-0. This is our last game of the season so we did expected each players to give 100% effort in the game.

In the first half, KCC Paint took a lead of 3-0. HFCA player’s are not really trying hard for the game. In the first 10 minutes KCC Paint player’s score the first goal and just a few minutes later there is another goal. Before finishing half time HFCA goalkeeper making a bad mistake allow KCC Paint player’s to score an easy goal.

In the second HFCA player’s are getting prepare for the game. We did really for the opening second half KCC Paint attackers also getting better and scored another 3 goals with in 20 minutes.

This match showed that HFCA players exhibited some improvement from the previous games. Furthermore, the players should train harder next year with passing and running toward the ball. Otherwise, the players play with a lot of confidence. No matter the result, our players put on and give their best toward the team.

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