KMH Champions League Game 13

FT: Avatar FC 8 HFCA 1

DATE : 07 May 2018
TIME : 20:00 PM


 On May 8 of 2018, HFCA played against Avatar FC and lost with a score of 1-8. Avatar is number 2 on the group stage, so they have had many wins this season.

For the first half, HFCA and Avatar had similar ball possession and attempts. A Avatar scored two goals within 5 minutes of the start of the game.  After a while,Avatar scored another goal, leading to a score of three goals to nothing. Before the end of the first half, HFCA’s captain, Bunrong, number 12, was able to score a goal for HFCA. By the end first half, the score was HFCA 1, Avatar 3.

In the second half, both HFCA’s midfielders and defenders were sloppy near  the critical area, and allowed Avatar to quickly score another 5 goals. HFCA also had many great opportunities to shoot on Avatar’s goal, but were unable to complete any goals. Avatar scored 2 goals in the opening minutes, and another three easy goals inthe last minutes.  

Our team has been getting better throughout the competition, but we are currently second to last in the group stage. Our players are now trying to play with 100% effort on all the games that they play.

Watch a full replay of the game by clicking here

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