Community Away Day II was so much fun!

The second Community Away Day took place on the 30th of March and it was a great day of football, music, and amazing food. Our HFCA players loved spending time with staff from some of the many organisations HFCA share the Raintree Office with. 

HFCA players and staff from the Raintree Community come together. Image: P Grogan

When we launched the Community Away Day in March 2018 we hoped it would grow into an annual event that would bring together our players who come from underprivileged backgrounds with the many Khmers (with a sprinkling of foreign nationals) who have achieved success in the careers. Positive role modeling is so important for teenage boys and girls and our players were delighted to give back by showing our visitors by teaching them the basics of football!

Raintree Co Founder Zoe Ng is on the ball starting another attacking play. Image:P Grogan

"The second edition of the Raintree off-site Community Away day in partnership with HFCA, was another brilliant football bonanza, with more neighbour organisations experiencing their meaningful work. This year's Community Cup final was especially fun coming down to the wire with a penalty shoot out, including a fantastic performance of the female players from both teams. We look forward to next year's edition where we hope to involve even more of our growing professional community in sports!" 
Zoe Ng, Raintree Cambodia Co-Founder & Managing Director

Community Away Day players enjoying getting to know each other between games. Image Supplied.

“Teach For Cambodia staff were delighted to join HFCA’s Community Away Day for the Raintree community! It was a great way for us to see HFCA’s work in action and meet the students. The event gave us ideas on how TFC and HFCA could collaborate in the future.” 
Jojo Lam, Chief Operating Officer, Teach For Cambodia

Raintree Cambodia Co Founder Zoe Ng (First right) enjoying the activities with Scott Neeson (second left) and some friends. Picture: P Grogan.

“Community Away Day was a great way to build bonds, create friendships and have fun at the same time. The football was exhilarating and the event was a fantastic way to meet the budding superstars of HFCA. There is so much potential in the players and it was great to support them on this special day” 
Sarah Cowley, ISI GROUP, Group Corporate Communications Manager

Players and supporters come together with the Community Away Day trophy. Image Supplied

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