Our partner 1CASA cant wait for the first Cambodian International Youth Footballl Tournament to kick off

When 1CASA (1 Coach Andy Sports Academy) and HFCA signed our MOU in July 2018, HFCA knew that we were so fortunate to be partnering with an organisation that strives to be a top class sports program provider in Cambodia and has a heart felt and deep seated desire to give back to those less fortunate than the youth they normally work with. 

"1CASA is a company built on coaching children to play football. HFCA is an organisation built on coaching children to play football. This coming together of 2 similarly minded groups creates excitement for all parties involved. We look forward to a prosperous relationship wherein we can help HFCA achieve its goals and this partnership is a step towards that. We at 1CASA hugely admire HFCA's work with the homeless world cup team and it's work with local disadvantaged youths in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. We hope that the next three years will be ones that benefit both groups and that it runs beyond 2021.'' Andy Hains, Founder 1CASA, after signing our MOU in July 2018.

Whilst Andy inspires all those who meet him with his commitment to excellance and desire to give back, he would be the first to admit 1CASA is a team with the likes of Greg Preston and Eric Lim making significance contributions to 1CASA's success.

HFCA is delighted that 1CASA are launching the CIYFT (Cambodian International Youth Football Tournament) on the 13th of October. CIYFT will be held at a premier venue with 320 youth playing close to 400 games over four Sundays!

Contact the following people directly depending on your interest in the event:
Tournament Director Andy Hains - andy@1casa.org
Player registration Greg Preston - greg@1casa.org
Events sponsorship manager  Eric Lim - eric@1casa.org

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