Thanks to Michael Sheen for bringing the Homeless World Cup to Wales

Welsh Hollywood actor Michael Sheen put everything on the line so that 500 men and women footballers could take part in the Homeless World Cup. He understands what an amazing experience this tournament is and the huge positive impact it can have on the lives of these players.

"This tournament will change lives. I truly believe the Homeless World Cup can be the catalyst for that transformation." He said before it began


“I want the Cardiff 2019 Homeless World Cup to be about creating a legacy of change informed by those on the frontlines of these issues and delivered by an entire nation together in a spirit of compassion and co-operation, qualities that we have long held dear and that have proudly defined us as a people. Everybody is welcome at Wales’ Homeless World Cup.”


Team Cambodia was very pleased to have the opportunity to thank Michael Sheen ourselves by presenting him with his very own Cambodian shirt! Check out the video here

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