HFCA launch new monthly TV show

When HFCA approached our close partner Liger Leadership Academy in May 2018 about the possibility of making a football TV show about Cambodian youth, to be produced by Cambodian youth we were delighted they were open to the opportunity. Having launched the monthly show in April this year HFCA and Liger Leadeship Academy have since seen five shows go out on the HFCA facebook page. HFCA TV allows our players to share their opinions, hope's and dreams to our many supporters in a safe and caring environment. 

Our first Episode went live on the 7th of April. Click HERE to watch

An intergral member of the HFCA TV production crew is Caroline Bell and she shared her thoughts on the show "As Principal of the Liger Leadership Academy and Co-Executive Producer of HFCA TV, I have been present from day one, working alongside Paraic Grogan and our enthusiastic production team as they have experienced the ups and downs of creating a time-sensitive, multi-faceted and high-quality television show. From shooting footage on-site and in-studio, to learning how to design a professional grade green screen, Liger students have worked tirelessly to improve: to recognize their own mistakes and areas for growth, and to represent themselves and the HFCA players as best they can''


On the 3rd of June we launched Episode 3 in our new studio. Check it out HERE

'It has not always been easy, and certainly throughout our five episodes we have experienced some setbacks, whether in big picture communication between our organizations, or simply getting lost en route to a practice and showing up late -- these are moments of failure that both HFCA and Liger embrace as opportunities for skill development. The missions of Liger and HFCA overlap in empowering young Cambodians and giving them voice, with the ultimate goal that our "graduates" can contribute positively to their nation. HFCA TV has been a great example of the power of Khmer youth, and I am proud to be a part of it.'' Caroline Bell, Principle, Liger Leadership Acadamy

Our fifth Episode went live on the 8th of September.. Click HERE to watch

The HFCA TV show goes live first on the HFCA facebook page so if you would like to follow our TV show then please join our facebook page HERE

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