HFCA reopen football activities in Phnom Penh after Government approve sports to start again

HFCA suspended our football activities in mid March as the global health crisis took hold. Our HFCA players were all very sad as they missed training and having fun with their friends.

In mid May, the Cambodian Government decided the situation was stable enough to allow sporting activities to reopen with strict guidelines. The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports gave their approval to reopen certain sporting activities from the 1st of June onwards.

HFCA staff wear masks at all times. Image HFCA

Whilst the relevant Government Ministries allowed sporting activities in Phnom Penh to reopen, the rest of the country was not allowed to do the same. HFCA could have reopened all our football programs in Phnom Penh from early June onwards but we needed more time to prepare for operating our programs and had our first training session back on the 4th of July.

Taking into account the extra duty of care we now had to all program participants, HFCA staff, staff from our partners and the wider community HFCA developed a detailed risk management plan. At every training session since our return all players & staff had their temperatures checked before entering the training facility and everyone washed their hands when entering and exiting the program.

We have also used these training sessions to continue educating our youth in the importance of safe hygiene standards and where possible to practise social distancing.

Every single player has their temperature checked before training starts. Image P Grogan

"The health of our players and staff has been and will continue to be our primary focus as HFCA navigates through these unchartered waters. HFCA would like to thank the management and staff at our training venue Cool Sports Club as well as staff at our partner Cambodian Children's Fund for their excellent work in ensuring that collectively we are doing all in our power to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and keeping everyone safe" Paraic Grogan, Founder HFCA

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Edmund Burke, Irish orator, philosopher, & politician (1729 - 1797)