News A visit from Scott Neeson - friend of HFCA and founder of Cambodian Children's Fund

Our players were delighted when special guest Scott Neeson dropped into our training program several times in June and August.

HFCA and Cambodian Children's Fund have been working together since 2009 and they are one of our most important partners and are very supportive of our work. Scott founded Cambodian Children's Fund in 2004 and its one of the best run charities in Cambodia.


Scott could have just sat back and watched the program but typical of his hands on approach he joined in with training. No mean feat considering its usually 35 degrees at this time. Been from Scotland, a country that is known for producing many great footballers over the years he showed some very good skills and all the players loved playing football with him.

Scott pressures one off our young stars for possession! Picture Scott Rotzoll.

Scott in his own words said, "A short walk from my house in Toul Tom Puong and I'm at Cool Sports Club. I have the joy of seeing kids from some of the worst areas of Steung Meanchey, Phnom Penh proudly dressed in their football gear and playing high level well-managed football with a real sense of passion. 

I joined in the action, kicked the ball around before my age got the better of me and had to sit down for a breather. I'm hoping that HFCA gets the support it deserves as the sense of achievement in these kids eyes is remarkable. "

Scott admires the footwork of one of our female players. Picture Scott Rotzoll.

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