News A volunteer's story

Alan Crellin from England volunteered at HFCA for five months and he gives his insight to the impact the program had on him.

When he left all the HFCA staff and players were very sad to see him go. He was a fantastic addition to the HFCA team and everyone at HFCA misses him and hopes that one day he will return to Cambodia and our program.

Here is his story...

HFCA?  Well what can I say?

From the moment I arrived at the HFCA Training Pitch opposite “City Villa” Hotel in the heart of Phnom Pehn and met up with the Head of HFCA operation in Cambodia, Vibol (a man who’s ever present smile was as bright and warm as the almost constant Cambodian sun that shone down from overhead) I was hooked!

To have the opportunity to coach these kids was an honour, all of them coming from severely disadvantaged backgrounds!  But you would never have guessed!  The minute you put a ball in front of them they were just like any other kids you would find in any park anywhere in the world, happy, smiling and full of fun!

As the weeks went by we built a great rapport and I started to learn some basic Cambodian.  Also the kids took to calling me “Rooney”, which despite being a Manchester City fan, I took in good heart.  They were a fantastic bunch and when the time came to say goodbye I must admit a quiet tear was shed.

In short how would I describe my time with HFCA?  I would have to say a really amazing experience which I will never forget.