News Australia women's football club visit HFCA and inspire Khmer girls to follow their football dreams!

HFCA were delighted to host seven special guests from Sydney, Australia in October 2019. Representing the Bonnet Bay Football Club women's team they came to coach and play football with our lucky U18 girls players.

Bonnet Bay FC are a fantastic community club and thanks to the great efforts of club member Brett White, who joined the HFCA team in April last year we were able to welcome these seven very talented female players.

Bonnet Bay FC's Sarah Miller shares her thoughts with HFCA TV interviewer Chan Rithy. Image HFCA.

''We decided to come to Cambodia to give the girls and some of the kids that might not get the opportunity to play soccer and learn soccer skills. I think that women for so long and girls for so long, have not been able to play sports and it's good to show that women can play any sport that the men can play, that we are all equal and it's just as fun for the girls as the boys"

- Sarah Miller from Bonnet Bay FC, Sydney
Sophie Scott during her interview for HFCA TV. Image HFCA

''Girls can do whatever boys do and if they put their mind to it and their heart and they love what they do, they can be just as good and they can definitely compete''

- Sophie Scott from Bonnet Bay FC, Sydney
A happy group of footballers after a very interesting and challenging training session! Image HFCA

Our new friends at Bonnet Bay Football Club were established in 1982, and field teams from boys and girls juniors all the way to mens and womens senior teams playing in Australia’s largest domestic football competition in the south of Sydney city.

Editors Note - All football related activity in this story took place in October 2019.