News Australian supporters Bonnet Bay FC cancel planned fundraising trip to Cambodia

Sadly the club had to cancel the upcoming trip in November due to the current global health crisis. HFCA wishes all our friends at Bonnet Bay FC well during a very difficult time.

HFCA and our friendsĀ Bonnet Bay FC from Sydney, Australia first started working together in February 2019 and we were excited that they were coming back this year after their successful first trip to visit our program in Phnom Penh last October.

BBFC's Sophie teaches our girls how to warm up properly. Image Supplied.

"Bonnet Bay FC in Sydney has been supporting young people in Cambodia through football since 2012, running football clinics and tournaments in Phnom Penh. It has been a wonderful ongoing relationship with HFCA and we are deeply disappointed that we are unable to make our fundraising trip happen this year due to Covid19. We are hopeful of returning in 2021, and will continue to support our Cambodian sister club HFCA in any way we can".

- Brett White, Player & Coach Development, BBFC.