News BBFC Cambodian Cup a feast of football in the floodlights

HFCA mixed team of boys and girls very much enjoyed taking part in the BBFC Cambodian Cup for the first time.

Organised by our new friends Bonnet Bay Football Club and in particular Brett White. it was an action packed tournament with three teams (including HFCA) representing Cambodian organisations and our very special Australian guest team Bonnet Bay FC. Lots of goals and excitement as six games played led to Eagles FC winning the coveted BBFC Cambodian Cup trophy!

We have been running the Cambodian Cup since 2012, and it's a fun way for our Australian teams from BBFC to enjoy some great competitive football. Giving the opportunity for the local Khmer teams to play an "international" team is brilliant, and they do love to beat the Aussies. Partnering with HFCA this year has helped take the Cup, and our involvement on the ground here, to a whole new level of engagement, competition and relationship. For BBFC to have a partner club here in Phnom Penh is brilliant, and a relationship that I believe will continue on for many years to come.

- Brett White, BBFC player & coach development
BBFC Cambodian Cup organiser Brett White presents the winning trophy to Eagles FC captain. Image Supplied.