News Cambodia team leave for Paris

The Cambodian Team is on their way to Paris for the 9th Homeless World Cup.

Eight players are boarding a plane for the first time, on their first trip outside Cambodia and we believe they will wear the Cambodian jersey with pride and show the world what Cambodian footballers can achieve. We may not win the event but we are confident we can cause some shocks.

Thanks to everyone who helped us reach the Homeless World Cup for the fourth consecutive year. We are particularly grateful to the Homeless World Cup, Smart Mobile, Paddy Rice Irish Sports Bar, Banzai Cambodia and Collingwood Rotary Club for their financial support. Thanks to all our Cambodian partners for the great work they do with all the players that attend our program. Cambodian Children's Fund, The Happy School, Centre for Children's Happiness, Riverkids Project and Cambodian Kids Foundation are amazing organisations and we are proud to be associated with them.

Finally thanks to all our staff in Cambodia and volunteers in Australia and around the world for your great efforts. Jimmy Campbell and Vibol Chao have done some great work with the lads over the last six months preparing them for Paris and HFCA are very fortunate to have them as part of our staff.

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