News Cambodian goalkeeper's amazing story watched 483,000 times on Facebook

Tum Vutha represented HFCA and his beloved Cambodia at the recent Homeless World Cup in Cardiff,

Wales and he was on and off the pitch a fantastic Ambassador for his country. Prior to flying to the UK he appeared in a short movie on the Smart for Cambodia facebook page. The series is called 90 Seconds of Change and features many young Cambodian people whose lives have been changed by the NGO's, including HFCA that Smart & Smart for Cambodia support. Vutha's story was so inspiring to so many people in Cambodia it went viral, was watched 483,000 times and counting, and it got over 12,000 likes! Click HERE to watch the short movie and see why Vutha is such a hero.

Vutha in goals for Cambodia in our game against Finland which Cambodia won. Image HFCA.

Vutha comes from our partner Cambodian Children's Fund and with their support and that of our close partner Smart we are able to give youth like Vutha life changing opportunities to represent their country on an international stage. Thanks to everyone at Cambodian Children's Fund and Smart & Smart for Cambodia for their long standing commitment to working with underprivileged youth in Cambodia.

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