News Cambodian Team Treated To A Feast At The King's Favourite Restaurant In Paris

There are many Cambodians in France due to the close relationship between the two countries

Finding them in a city of 8 million people is not easy so it was only on the last day that we had any Cambodian supporters and we struck gold as we met two of the nicest men, Cambodian or otherwise, that I had the pleasure of meeting...anytime...anywhere, any country, time or place: Restauranteur Veng and businessman Boun Long have lived in Paris since the 1970's and they treated the players and staff like long lost family. Veng generously treated the Cambodian Team to a beautiful meal his very own La Moussoun restaurant which is a mere 5 or 6 blocks from the Eiffel Tower. In between courses of great Khmer food we listened to Boun's tales of life as a Cambodian in France and was impressed with how humble he and Veng were despite the fact that both of them had done very well in their adopted home of France.

Boun and Veng - Thank you very much for your generousity and we hope to see you one day again in Paris.