News Cambodian Team meet Cambodian Ambassador to France

After another hard day on the football pitches of the Homeless World Cup we were heading to the Eiffel Tower and our guide Aiden suggested we try to find the Cambodian embassy.

We found a building close to the Eiffel Tower with a Cambodian flag hanging outside and an older gentleman reading the newspaper. We asked if it was the Cambodian embassy and if so could we meet the ambassador. He informed us that he was the Ambassador and this was his private home, not the Embassy! Fortunately Ambassador Uch Kiman had a sense of humour and very kindly invited us into his house which was very impressive by the way and 200 metres from the Eiffel Tower. The Ambassador provided us with drinks and snacks and introduced us to some family members. The players were very happy to meet the Ambassador and his warm welcome was one of the highlights of our time in Paris.

Thank you Ambassador Uch Kiman!