News Canadian International School from Singapore visit HFCA

On Saturday the 7th of July Canadian International School came to HFCA for their annual visit.

Its always great when they come and join in our program and means a lot to our players that young people from around the world want to hang out and play football with them. 

The CIS excursion regularly supports HFCA because we believe what the UN believes... The UN recognizes play as the right of every child. Play is NOT a luxury; it is a tool for education and health. It can bring entire communities together and inspire every individual. The game of football can teach children about cooperation, tolerance and peace. Play helps teach important life lessons and develop skills like cooperation, leadership, and teamwork. This is why CIS supports HFCA. Today, the CIS Grade 11 students met up with the HFCA players and had a friendly match. Although it was a short match, it showed that the children excel in soccer. Their ages ranged from 10-22. Some of the children who participated in the friendly match were also from the People Improvement Organization School, which CIS has supported for many years. Though they won the friendly match, we still enjoyed it very much because we got the chance to play with kids who are happy and grateful for what they have. We think that being able to be part of HFCA allows us to learn to be thankful for what we have because many others like the children in HFCA worked really hard to be where they are today.

- Scott Little Canadian International School, Singapore

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