News Celebrating 15 years of HFCA!

HFCA (Happy Football Cambodia Australia) was formed in November 2005 to work with underprivileged youth in Phnom Penh who did not have access to football pitches and played on the streets instead. HFCA started small with 20 youth from a local NGO, one small pitch, two footballs and a coach.

As demand for our programs grew, we partnered with more NGO's in Phnom Penh and in 2014 opened operations in Siem Reap.  HFCA now works with up to 400 youth each year, with boys and girls encouraged to attend and play football in a safe and caring environment.

(L to R) HFCA Founder Paraic Grogan, Homeless World Cup President Mel Young, Cambodian Children's Fund Founder Scott Neeson in Norway in 2017. Image HFCA.

“HFCA is proud to be a Cambodian Australian NGO which showcases the best of both countries. Cambodian resilience and Australian commitment to a fair go for all combined, has driven HFCA to achieve our goals since we launched in November 2005. As HFCA's founder I would like to sincerely thank all our coaches, staff, volunteers, donors & sponsors, past and present, for their commitment to HFCA and our community driven programs which have served the needs of underprivileged youth in Cambodia for 15 years. Whilst this year proved challenging, our programs are flourishing and growing. We have exciting new CSR opportunities for 2021 and are currently inviting enquiries from local, national and international organisations who would like to get involved and support us.”

- Paraic Grogan, Founder, Happy Football Cambodia Australia
Australian & Cambodian teams at 2009 HWC in Milan, Italy as teams pose with the actual FIFA World Cup which Italy won in 2006. Image Mik La Vage.

"To the team at Happy Football Cambodia Australia, it has been a pleasure partnering with such a wonderful and dedicated group, allowing our better football players to represent Cambodia overseas in the Homeless World Cup. HFCA gives otherwise neglected youth a sense of self-esteem, competition and the value of teamwork. In terms of return on investment, its one of the best in Cambodia. We wish the HFCA team another 15 successful years."

- Scott Neeson, Founder Cambodian Children's Fund

“Congratulations to HFCA on your 15th birthday. You have been an integral part of the Homeless World Cup since 2008. It has always been fabulous to see the colourful vibrancy and the smiling faces of the Cambodian team. Cambodia is always a big favourite at the annual tournament. We strive to end poverty and homelessness through football. Your impact has been considerable and we salute you. Happy birthday!"

- Mel Young, President, Homeless World Cup.
Cambodian and Scotland teams at 2015 HWC in Amsterdam. Image P Grogan.

“A very Happy 15th Birthday to everyone involved at Happy Football Cambodia Australia from your friends in Scotland. Since 2008, Team Scotland and Team Cambodia have had a special relationship on and off the pitch. Every year our players and staff are inspired by you guys. We hope to develop our relationship in 2021, and in the meantime please enjoy your birthday and send love from everyone here at Street Soccer Scotland to all the players and staff at HFCA.”

- David Duke, Founder, Street Soccer Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland
HFCA TV show production crew from Liger Leadership Academy interviewing HFCA sponsor Smart Axiata CEO Thomas Hundt in 2019. Image P Grogan.

“It would be easy to think of HFCA as simply a football NGO but it is so much more: always pushing for opportunities to empower Cambodian youth, not just within their organization but youth in organizations with whom they partner. We are proud to say we are one of those organizations."

- Dominic Sharpe, Country Director, Liger Leadership Academy, Phnom Penh
HFCA youth at our Siem Reap program celebrate winning the recent Siem Reap Village Cup. Image P Grogan.

“Build your Future Today congratulates HFCA on 15 years of working with some of Cambodia's poorest young people, building their skills, confidence and giving them experience needed to become successful young adults. Build your Future Today has cooperated with HFCA since 2014, with a number of the young people we support thriving under the guidance of HFCA to proudly represent Cambodia at the Homeless World Cup.”

- Sedtha Long, Founder, Build Your Future Today, Siem Reap