News Fair Play 10 (Melbourne)

The biggest Fair Play event yet, proved to be a fitting way for us to celebrate our 10th anniversary!!

32 teams battled it out for the Jinta Trophy across 6 pitches on the famous oval, with Vic Police taking out the final from Morning Star.

Another fantastic day played in the right spirit, bringing together teams from all corners of the local community including Metropolitan Fire Brigade and Vic Police, teams from the local estates including the Collingwood Allstars Soccer Program which the event supports and other regulars including PBS/RR, ACE and Shadowfax.
A representative team from Melbourne Victory fielded members who had won a competition to represent the club.

Bringing the community together

Group A

Colingwood Allstars 3 MFB 1
Eurothrash 0 The Troublemakers 3
Colingwood Allstars 3 Eurothrash 1
MFB 2 The Troublemakers 3
MFB 1 Eurothrash 2
Colingwood Allstars 2 The Troublemakers 5

Group B

3065 2 Vic Police 6
Thursday Night Irregulars 1 The Bongs 0
3065 2 Thursday Night Irregulars 0
Vic Police 8 The Bongs 0
3065 2 The Bongs 2
Vic Police 4 Thursday Night Irregulars 1

Group C

Morning Star 3 SUBFootballNetwork 8
Oxfam 1 Melbourne Victory 2
Morning Star 3 Oxfam 0
SUBFootballNetwork 5 Melbourne Victory 2
Morning Star 3 Melbourne Victory 0
SUBFootballNetwork 5 Oxfam 1

Group D

Richmond Rangers 3 The Pale Ales 1
Boomtown FC 1 SEDA 4
Richmond Rangers 4 Boomtown FC 1
The Pale Ales 0 SEDA 3
Richmond Rangers 2 SEDA 4
The Pale Ales 0 Boomtown FC 3

Group E

Raba United 2 Carlton Ninjas 0
Vic Police II 1 Yarra Jets 2
Raba United 2 Vic Police II 1
Carlton Ninjas 1 Yarra Jets 1
Raba United 5 Yarra Jets 0
Carlton Ninjas 0 Vic Police II 1

Group F

Leathernecks 2 Real SoSoBad 1
Brewski 2 Sacu Sacan 7
Leathernecks 3 Brewski 0
Real SoSoBad 2 Sacu Sacan 2
Leathernecks 0 Sacu Sacan 1
Real SoSoBad 3 Brewski 1

Group G

Shadowfax 4 Busted Units 0
East Unleased 1 Old Ivanarians 3
Shadowfax 4 East Unleased 0
Busted Units 2 Old Ivanarians 5
Shadowfax 3 Old Ivanarians 2
Busted Units 0 East Unleased 3

Group H

My Country My Beer 4 Socceroosters 5
PBS/RRR 3 My Country My Beer 2
ACE 1 Socceroosters 2
PBS/RRR 1 Socceroosters 1
ACE 4 My Country My Beer 2

Battling it out

Great music accompanied the players all day from the likes of Chris Gill (RRR), Edd Fisher (PBS), Paz, Cuzn Matt, Ennio Styles (RRR) and Lance Ferguson from The Bamboos. Meanwhile on the music stage the line-up boasted Jesse Hooper (Killing Heidi) and Friends, The Upstanding Members, Melatonin and Wilderbeast. Thanks to all of you for supporting the event and giving your time to provide a fitting soundtrack to the event!

Last 16

The Troublemakers 0 3065 4
Vic Police 5 Colingwood Allstars 2
SUBFootballNetwork 0 Richmond Rangers 1
SEDA 2 Morning Star 3 
Raba United 3 Leathernecks 0
Sacu Sacan 1 Yarra Jets 3
Shadowfax 6 ACE 0
Socceroosters 1 Old Ivanarians 2

Melbourne Victory were there in force with a couple of first team players coming down to join in the fun. The Panna Football Cage was there too providing an outlet for some one on one skills. A massive thank you to MVFC for getting behind Fair Play 10.

Teams are from all over Melbourne

Quarter Finals

3065 1 Vic Police 3
Richmond Rangers 1 Morning Star 2
Raba United 3 Yarra Jets 2
Old Ivanarians 2 Shadowfax 2 Shadowfax win 4-2 on pens)

Thanks to our pitch sponsors Bendigo Bank, FutsalLife, Collingwood Rotary and Yarra Hyundai/City Nissan /Yarra Suzuki

Semi Finals

Vic Police 5 Shadowfax 1
Morning Star 2 Raba United 0


Vic Police 5 Morning Star 0

Thank you to our Pitch Sponsors: Bendigo Bank, Collingwood Rotary, FutsalLife and Yarra Hyundai/City Nissan/Yarra Suzuki

A huge thank you to:
the City of Yarra for letting us use Victoria Park - a fantastic venue for Fair Play 10!
Bendigo Bank for all their support.
Jinta and Etiko for their continued support, balls and bibs.
Collingwwod Rotary
FutsalLife for the goals and referees
Futsalloon5 and FutsalOz for additional goals and referees
Tiger Corp for the trophies and medals
Motorola for the walkie talkies
Yarra Hyundai/City Nissan/Yarra Suzuki for supporting Fair Play
Splitrock for the water
The Good Brew Company for the beer and cider
Rent The Rig for the Soundsystem
Germinate Solar Rig and Billy Hyde for the music stage
Soccer Fever for the prizes
MFB for the marquees
Collins Sims for the community boards
Bargo for the bar
PBS, RRR and Kiss for all the on-air support
Hellas Printing for the posters and flyers
Plakkit for the marketing support

A huge thank you goes to our main supporters Melbourne Victory FC, City of Yarra, Collingwood Rotary, Bendigo Bank North Fitzroy/Clifton Hill, Yarra Hyundai/City Nissan/Yarra Suzuki, FutsalLife Thanks to all the DJs and bands who provide a fantastic soundtrack to the day: Lance Ferguson (The Bamboos), Ennio Styles (RRR), Chris Gill (RRR), Paz, Edd Fisher (PBSFM), Cuzn Matt, Jesse Hooper (Killing Heidi) and friends, The Upstanding Members, Melatonin and Wilderbeast. The day raised over $4k which goes towards the HFCA soccer program in Cambodia, and the Collingwood Allstars Soccer Program. 

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