News Fair Play 3 (Melbourne)

On Sat Nov 29th, the 3rd Fair Play took place and we raised $2,000

Together with the $6,000 from the previous 2 tournaments this has paid for a large part of the costs of bringing the Cambodian team over for the Homeless World Cup.
The Cambodian team played at the event and it was an emotional moment, to witness their appreciation of what we have done for them.
It is moments like this that reassure you of the worthiness of good causes.

What with local elections and the threat of rain, numbers were a little lighter than we had hoped, but the weather stayed kind to us and it turned out to be a gorgeous day of great competition, beer, food and music.

The event has such a great vibe to it, we know it is destined to grow and blossom into something even more special and this has been recognised by The City of Yarra who have given us a small grant to expand the operation next year. We will be holding 2 events again next year, in March and Oct (dates to be confirmed) and we will be donating funds to the Collingwood All Stars Soccer program as well as HFCA.

Here is how the results went:

Atherton Allies 8 Valley Victory 1
Ping Pong 2 Purple Monkies 7
RRR 2 My Little Ponies 6
Carlton Ninjas 3 Ba Hoc 5
That Team 3 Cambodia 0
Brewski 5 Manewe 0
Atherton Allies 8 RRR 5
Ping Pong 0 Carlton Ninjas 9
Valley Victory 0 My Little Ponies 8
Purple Monkies 3 Ba Hoc 5
That Team 3 The Bongs 1
Brewski 2 Fanny Balls 2
Atherton Allies 3 My Little Ponies 4
Ping Pong 1 Ba Hoc 4
Valley Victory 2 RRR 10
Purple Monkies 3 Carlton Ninjas 6
Cambodia 5 The Bongs 6
Manewe 1 Fanny Balls 8

Quarter Finals:
My Little Ponies 3 CarltonNinjas 5
Ba Hoc 5 Atherton Allies 3
That Team 1 Brewski 0
Fanny Balls 4 The Bongs 5

Semi Finals:
Carlton Ninjas 4 The Bongs 1
Ba Hoc 3 That Team 2

Ba Hoc 2 Carlton Ninjas 1

Thanks to everyone!

We cannot achieve any of this without your help and would like to acknowledge the following (I really hope I dont forget anyone)...

Clifton Tennis Club: for allowing us to use the venue
Etiko Sports: for the balls, bibs, banners, the trophies and prizes, and support on the day
FutsalOz: for providing us with the goals and the referees (thanks again guys, you were great)
Coopers: for giving us all the beer...and a marquee, legends as always.
City of Yarra: for the cost of pitches, use of a ute, media support, provision of bins
Rent The Rig: for donating all the sound system for the day. Awesome.
Elija at Gringo Vibes: for the food
Jaspers: for lending us all the coffee and equipment (although it didnt quite work out this time) and a prize.
Melbourne Victory and Football Federation Victoria: for prizes.
RRR: for radio support.
Melbourne Times and Melbourne Leader: for media coverage
All the DJs: for donating their time and tunes, you rock.
All the volunteers: for helping out
Charlie at Helter Shelters and Simon from Trippy Taco for their marquees
Red Bull and Mountain Dew for coming down on the day

and of course all the teams for taking part!