News Fair Play 4 (Melbourne)

ANZAC Day was a month later than was originally planned for the 4th Fair Play competition and we were incredibly lucky with the weather, the rain holding off apart from a short spell in the quarter finals.

A great turnout once again joined forces to raise $2,800 for the Happy Football Cambodia and Collingwood Allstars Football Programs.

Funky music pumped all day (thanks to Melatonin DJs, Billie Jazz, Chris Gill, Ennio Styles, Luke McD, Vince Peach, Cuzn Matt, Digital Primate, misterjon and Andy D) and the crowd cheered on the mixed teams giving it their all for the Etiko Trophy.

First Round Games

Atherton Allies 1 Celtic Rovers 3                                   Leathernecks Blue 1 The Bongs 1
PSV Hangover 10 Carlton Ninjas 2                                 My Little Ponies 2 The Daves 1
Brewski 3 Eutro Thrash 3                                             Ping Pong 4 ACE 2
The Cats 3 Leatherneck Yellow 1                                  Anzacs 4 V Team 3

Atherton Allies 5 PSV Hangover 5                   Leatherneck Blue 5 My Little Ponies 0
Celtic Rovers 3 Carlton Ninjas 1                     The Bongs 4 The Daves 1
Brewski 1 The Cats 7                                    Ping Pong 1 Anzacs 3                                     
Eurothrash 3 Leatherneck Yellow 2                 ACE 3 V Team 2                                                
Atherton Allies 3 Carlton Ninjas 3                   Leatherneck Blue 5 The Daves 4  
Celtic Rovers 4 PSV Hangover 0                     The Bongs 2 My Little Ponies 2 
Brewski 2 Leatherneck Yellow 10                    ACE 0 Anzacs 2 
Eurothrash 2 The Cats ?                               Ping Pong 7 V Team 2

The crowd cheered on and the beer flowed, all in a good cause.... and it got more serious....

Celtic Rovers 4 The Bongs 3                       Leatherneck Blue 4 PSV Hangover 1
The Cats 4 Ping Pong 0                               Anzacs 0 Eurothrash 2

4 now very wet teams progressed to the semis...

Celtic Rovers 3 Eurothrash 2
Leatherneck Blue lost to The Cats

and in the final....

Celtic Rovers 2 The Cats 1

Well done Celtic Rovers!

A huge thank you goes to.....
FutsalOz for the goals and referees
Etiko Sports for the bibs and balls, medals and trophy
Coopers for the beer
Jaspers for the coffee
Rent The Rig for the sound system
City of Yarra for the pitches
Jeff at the venue
Bill Skermer for running the bar
All the DJs for their time and tunes
Events Australia for the blow up pitch
Melbourne Victory, Football Fed Victoria, Soccer Fever, Trampoline, Jaspers, Melbourne Bicycle Centre for prizes...
Kelly Sports for coming down and running kids activities