News Fair Play 5 (Melbourne)

Blessed with a fantastic sunny day, Fair Play kicked off once again at Clifton Tennis Club in Clifton Hill with a mixture of teams from across the community.

The first round games went like this:

Brewski 4 Koota Blues 1
Ponies 2 Purple Merkins 0
Leatherneck blues 10 Ping Pong 2
Eurotrash 0 Bongs 3
La Mancha Wanderers 7 Vic Simms 0
Ponies 3 ACE 4
Leatherneck Blues 4 Pants & Parkers 1
Eurotrash 4 Ross Delights 3
Brewski 3 La Mancha Wanderers 0
Koota Blues 10 Vic Simms 0
Ping Pong 3 Pants & Parkers 1
Purple Merkins 3 ACE 0
Brewski 7 Vic Simms 0
Bongs 0 Ross Delights 3
Koota Blues 2 La Macha Wanderers 0

Ping Pong 2 ACE 3
Eurotrash 2 Pants 1

The music and beer was flowing as the soccer hotted up into the Quarter Finals

Ponies 2 Ross Delights 8
Leatherneck Blues 1 Koota Blues 2
Purple Merkins 3 Bongs 2
Brewski 4 Ping Pong 3

With only Brewski surviving out of the teams who regularly enter the comp it was on to the Semi Finals:

Ross Delights 1 Brewski 3
Koota Blues 2 Purple Merkins 0

One of our sponsors... Bendigo Bank

The Final:

Brewski 5 Koota Blues 1

What an awesome day!

A massive thank you to all of the DJs:

Melatonin DJs, Vince Peach, Ennio Styles, Paz, Chestwig, Cuzn Matt, Blossom, DappaJam DJs, Blair Stafford, Bass Bin Laden, Digital Primate and Luke McD... you guys are legends and the tunes were no less than top class!

Thanks to all the players and supporters who came along...

Off pitch activities

Thanks to all of the sponsors:

City of Yarra
Bendigo Bank
Rent The Rig
Cheap Thrills
Melbourne Victory
Collingwood Football Club
The Big Red Bus
Soccer Fever
Kellys Sports
King Kahuna

in total we raised over $1500!

Check out heaps of photos here