News Fair Play 6

Blessed with another beautiful sunny day, Fair Play 6 was a huge success and saw the West Africa Combined team lose on penalties in the final to the Mixed Robinsons.

The beer and the music flowed and the soccer became more and more serious as the day progressed.

Lucky again with the weather - a sunny and hot day, only a week after storms and hail had reeked havoc across most of Melbourne.

Group 1

Koota Blues (2) V The Bongs (1)
Purple Merkins (5) V Sweepstakes (3)
Kuta Blues (3) V Sweepstars (0)
The Bongs (1) V Purple Merkins (2)
Kuta Blues (4) V Purple Merkins (3)
Sweepstars (2) V The Bongs (2)

What a lovely day for it

Kuta Blues, last years runners up showed once again what a strong team they are by topping their group with 3 wins. Purple Merkins another Fair Play regular made it through in second place.

Group 2

PBS (1) V West African Combined (8)
ACE (3) V KISS (6)
PBS (2) V KISS (2)
WAC (3) V ACE (2)
ACE (0) V PBS (1)
WAC (5) V KISS (1)

This was a very tight group with the WAC team showing their african flair to top the group and all the teams were competitive. KISS FM and PBS FM put in some great performances and finished joint second with 4 points each with Kiss Fm going throught on goal difference. ACE one of our favourite teams battled hard and were unlucky not to win a game.

Teams were from all different cultures and backgrounds

Group 3

Mixed Robinsons (4) V Fitzroy Lions (2)
Eurothrash (2) V Red Hot (0)
Eurothrash (2) V Mixed Robinsons (5)
Red Hot (2) V Fitzroy Lions (3) 
Mixed Robinsons (6) V Red Hot (3)
Fitzroy Lions(3) V Eurothrash (2)

Group 4

Brewski (2) V Velodromes (5)
Ponies (5) V The busted Units (2)
Brewski (4) V Ponies (2)
Ponies (3) V Velodrones (6)
Brewski (3) V The Busted Units (6)
Velodrones (5) V Ponies (2)

This was a very tight group with the Velodrones the stand out team winning all three of their games. Ponies and Brewski finished equal on 3 points each and ponies went throught on goal difference. Stand out individual performance came from Brewski player Samanatha Dowlings whose hat trick helped brewski to a 6-3 victory over the Ponies.

Blue skies...

Quarter finals

The Mixed Robinsons 3 V Kiss Fm 0
Ponies 1 V Purple Merkins 0
WAC 1 V  Velodromes
Kuta Blues 2 V Fitzroy Lions 0 

Semi Finals

Kuta Blues 1 V WAC 2
The Mixed Robinsons  1 V Ponies 0


Mixed Robinsons 3 V WAC 3

Mixed Robinsons won on penalties

The competition was tough

A fantastic day had by all... over $1600 raised for HFCA and the Collingwood Allstars.... thanks to our sponsors:

Etiko Sports, Bendigo Bank, Cheap Thrills, City of Yarra, Melbourne Victory,Futsal Oz, Coopers, Rent The Rig, Splitrock, Soccerwise, Soccer Fever, Plakkit, KissFM, RRR, PBS FM

And all the awesome DJs:

Blair Stafford (pictured), Chris Gill, Ennio Styles,. Melatonin DJs, DappaJam DJs, Cuzn Matt, Chestwig, Tom Tom , Manchild, Bass Bin Laden, Uber Lingua DJs, Luke McD, Vince Peach, Paz