News Fair Play 7 (Melbourne)

For the first time ever, the Fair Play tournament was played at the iconic Victoria Park, Abbotsford.

Hideous weather conditions were predicted for the weekend and on Friday we were faced with the decision of cancelling the event.... it went ahead, and we were rewarded with a glorious day of sunshine and a superb event enjoyed by all... quite possibly the best Fair Play yet!

Blessed by a beautiful day against all the odds, it was clear from the start that both the organisers and the players were determined to make this event a success, no matter what the weather!

Kicking off at midday at the fantastic Victoria Park, the scene was set for a battle royale to see who would take out the Etiko Trophy for the 7th time.

The Groups:
Group 1: PBSFM, Alright Bud, RRR, Amistad
Group 2: Ramrod, Bongs, Eurothrash, Bad News
Group 3: Brewski, Ninjas FC, ACE, LIttle Ponies
Group 4: Busted Units, Leathernecks, Purple Merkins, 3065

The Games:

PBSFM 2 Alright Bud 9                          Ramrod 0 Bongs 2
Amistad 1 RRR 0                                 Eurothrash 6 Bad News 0
Ninjas FC 3 Brewski 1                           Busted Units 1 3065 9
Leathernecks 1 Purple Merkins 3           PBSFM 2 Amistad 5
Ramrod 0 Eurothrash 1                        RRR 5 Alright Bud 2
Bongs 3 Bad News 2                            Busted Units 0 Purple Merkins 2  
Brewski 1 Little Ponies 3                      Leathernecks 1 3065 0
PBSFM 4 RRR 7                                  Ramrod 0 Bad News 1
Amistad 2 Alright Bud 1                       Bongs 0 Eurothrash 0
Ninjas FC 2 Little Ponies 7                   Busted Units 1 Leathernecks 1
Purple Merkins 2 3065 1

Teams line up

So, into the quarter finals:

Amistad 2 Bongs 3
Eurothrash 2 RRR 1
Little Ponies 2 Leathernecks 1
Purple Merkins 2 Ninjas 1

The semis:

Bongs 0 Merkins 1
Eurothrash 1 Ponies 2

The Final:

Merkins 1 Ponies 2

For more photos go here

Thanks to the DJs for the awesome tunes:

Chris Gill, Uber Lingua DJs, Zak, Blair Stafford, Manchild, Ennio Styles, Paz and Cuzn Matt

Thanks to the sponsors:

Etiko, Bendigo Bank, Cheap Thrills, FutsalOz, Futsaloon5, Coopers, Splitrock, Rent The Rig, City of Yarra, Soccer Fever, PBSFM, RRR, Collingwood Rotary, Man With A Van, Melbourne Heart FC, Plakkit, Bargo, Hellas Printing, KissFM

Thanks to all the volunteers:

Bill, Richie, Adz, Tammy & Co, Dan Walder, Craig, Bryce, Ger and anyone I have missed