News HFCA and Liger Leadership Academy extend partnership

HFCA and Liger Leadership Academy's friendship started in November 2016 and we formally became partners at the start of 2019. HFCA is delighted to announce the extension of that partnership which takes us up to December 2024 with the option to extend for another year

"Liger is happy to have signed a new MoU with HFCA as we look to possible future collaboration. So many great opportunities arise from our talks and we are excited about exploring these ideas that are beneficial for both organizations." Dominic Sharpe, Country Director, Liger Leadership Academy

Signing ceremony took place at the Liger Leadership Academy building in Phnom Penh. Image Yanich Khin

Liger Leadership Academy (LLA) educates the promising youth of today to develop socially conscious, entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow. 

"I am impressed by the Liger approach to learning, which can be characterized as a truly student-centered, integrated and project-based paradigm. This approach to the acquisition of knowledge has enabled young learners to learn the skills of the twenty-first century, notably critical thinking, problem-solving and working in a team. I believe that the academic rigor and discipline at Liger will leave an indelible legacy for many Cambodian learners now and in years to come." His Excellency Hang Chuon Naron, Cambodian Minister for Education, Youth and Sport

HFCA TV in partnership with LLA 1st Episode 7th April 2019. Watch HERE.

One of the best examples of how HFCA and LLA work together was the HFCA TV show which ran from April 2019 to August 2020. This show was all about the HFCA football teams adventures over nine episodes with LLA students learning skills such as Hosting, Interviewers, Camera Operators, Film Editors, Sound Engineers, Green Screen Operators, Graphic Designers, Subtitles and Translators, Video Annotator, Music and Credit editor.

HFCA TV production team, all LLA students on site at HFCA training program in Sept 2018. Image P Grogan

'They began as a group of thirteen- to seventeen-year-olds with an interest in either film or football, and have grown into a collaborative production team who understands the overall mission, as well as his or her individual role. We are proud of the show, the obvious improvements that Liger students were able to make over the course of the episodes, and the stories we were able to tell. HFCA as an organization has been a beacon of hope for Cambodian children, especially Cambodian girls, and we are thrilled to have supported them in their outreach." Caroline Bell, Principal, Liger Leadership Academy.

HFCA's U18 boys team in the KMH Cup match in Feb 2020 featured 6 LLA students in the squad. Image KMH

"HFCA is delighted to continue our journey with Liger Leadership Academy. The school offers world-class learning experiences which challenge the students in a meaningful way. Very few schools in Cambodia prepare a student, as well as Liger do, for the ever-changing and evolving workplace of the future." Paraic Grogan, Founder/CEO, HFCA