News HFCA delighted to welcome 1CASA as our Official Football Coaching Partner in Cambodia

Everyone at HFCA is very excited about this new MOU and the possibilities it offers. HFCA and 1CASA have signed a deal till December 2021.

1CoachAndy Sports Academy (1CASA) believe that injecting fun into a child’s development is incredibly important. 1CASA believe that with fun comes the confidence to enjoy a sport and with that an active lifestyle. They realise that young sportsmen and women need to learn the right technique at the appropriate developmental age within their sport and work closely with schools and in the 1CASA private program to help their students achieve that. This means 1CASA is there from their first introduction to the sport all the way through to training them to become a part of a team and then competing at their highest possible levels and continuing to be active for

1CASA is a company built on coaching children to play football. HFCA is an organisation built on coaching children to play football. This coming together of 2 similarly minded groups creates excitement for all parties involved. We look forward to a prosperous relationship wherein we can help HFCA achieve its goals and this partnership is a step towards that. We at 1CASA hugely admire HFCA's work with the homeless world cup team and it's work with local disadvantaged youths in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. We hope that the next three years will be ones that benefit both groups and that it runs beyond 2021.

- Andy Hains, Founder 1CASA
1CASA students and parents come together for family day gathering. Picture 1CASA.

HFCA first learn about 1CASA over a year ago and since then we have shared the same venue. We can see the great work 1CASA coaches do and we very much appreciate and respect the great coaching programs they run not just in football but in many sports. HFCA very happy with this new MOU and looking forward to being good partners together

- Vibol Chao, HFCA Country Manager
1CASA coach Greg Preston and Founder Andy Hains with HFCA Country Manager Vibol Chao (centre of picture) with HFCA players and coaches. Picture 1CASA.

1CASA & HFCA have an exciting announcement coming soon. Stay tuned!!

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