News HFCA enters girls team in U18 league for six month season

Some of the squad at training recently. Picture P Grogan.

There is great excitement at HFCA as our Girls prepare for their first ever competitive football tournament. From August 2017 onwards we invested a lot of staff time and resources to rebuilding our Girls program as numbers attending were low. It took a year to fix all the issues and now average attendance has increased by 300%. What we learned is that girls love sports just as much as boys but there are unique challenges to be understood and overcome to ensure they can have equal access.

Nine of the twenty-two players selected for the 2018/2019 season. Picture P Grogan.

The girl's enthusiasm for football is infectious and their ball control skills are so sharp. Some of them love to show off as they control the football at will. Before we commit our players or teams to external events or competition we consult extensively with the youth. HFCA knows to never assume what teenagers are thinking or what they want! The girls were very clear. They want to be part of a team. They want to play competitive football. They want to show everyone girls are as good as boys at football.

Players are committed to getting fit before league season starts. Picture P Grogan.

The ISF Starfish league games take place at one of the best sporting facilities in Cambodia. The ISF Sports Grounds were built in 2016 and allow Cambodian youth of all ages and abilites to play sport in a safe and caring environment. Our season starts from the second weekend of December and our girl's team can't wait to be part of it.