News HFCA extends our work with Siem Reap NGO partner til 2025

HFCA and Siem Reap based BFT (Build your Future Today) first started officially working together in 2014 and it's been a very productive partnership.

Both organisations are committed to supporting underprivileged youth in Siem Reap province and this new MOU will extend the official partnership to December 2025.

BFT was officially launched in 2006 and has done amazing work in 50 villages across Siem Reap province by building schools, investing in water supply infrastructure and training village communities to be self-sustainable.  

HFCA have been running weekly football training in Siem Reap city since 2017 and in February 2020 HFCA launched their Siem Reap Village football programs in Oroong Village, Chub Smack Village and Sras Srong Village with ongoing support from BFT. HFCA is the first organisation to run a formal sports program in these three villages and alongside the boys, an average of 50 girls across the three programs are attending regularly. All of the HFCA coaching staff in our four football programs are former HFCA players or from BFT.

(L to R) Paraic Grogan and Sedtha Long celebrate completing months of negociations with new MOU. Image BFT

"BFT is delighted to be a part of a new partnership agreement with HFCA, extending our successful relationship that started in 2014. We are particularly happy that the new agreement lets us extend the opportunities HFCA provides for the children BFT works with to three of our villages outside of Siem Reap, giving these children opportunities they never dreamed of as being possible. The agreement not only provides this fabulous opportunity for the children; it also gives some of the BFT team the opportunity to work as coaches as they help the children develop skills on and off the pitch"

- Sedtha Long, Founder BFT
Long and Grogan outside the BFT office in Siem Reap. Image BFT

''HFCA are honoured to continue our long-standing relationship with BFT as they have been an amazing partner for the last 8 years. BFT founder Sedtha Long is a very inspiring person to work with and HFCA have learned so much from him.

- Paraic Grogan, Founder Happy Football Cambodia Australia

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