News HFCA launch new Internship program for underprivileged youth with female staff member Borey leading the way

In early 2020 HFCA decided to launch an internship program for underprivileged youth so Cambodian youth could learn skills off the football pitch.

We started with two youth from our long standing partner CCF (Cambodian Children's Fund) and our first Interns starting working in October 2020.

Borey was one of the first Interns to take part in this new HFCA program.  She will be doing her paid internship up to December 2021 and we are very happy to have on board the HFCA team. Borey is 21 and originally from Battambang Province. Borey's family moved to Phnom Penh when she was a young child. Her family was struggling financially and at the age of seven she started to attend school at CCF. With their support Borey has been changing her life and now with financial support from CCF she is in her 2nd year of a degree studying Computer Science at the Royal University of Phnom Penh.

Borey loves technology and is studying IT and Coding. Image Supplied.

HFCA's new Internship program is focusing on, but not limited to, providing
-Football Coaching skills through practical on site HFCA football programs
-Training on developing and understanding contracts & positions descriptions
-Financial literacy training on how to open and manage bank accounts
-Opportunities to access football training courses
-Management skills by giving them opportunities to manager or co manager small projects with external partners and local service providers

Borey in action (far right nearest football). Image CCF

Borey has been playing football since she was young "I like playing football because it makes me healthy and I can meet new people and make new friends. I heard about HFCA from their Country Manager Mr Chao Vibol when he came to select male players to go to the Homeless World Cup. At that time he came to talk with me and other girls about HFCA. Moreover, I used to train at HFCA for a few months when I was younger''

Borey speaks to the HFCA female players to explain coaching drills. Image P Grogan.

Borey shared what she has learned so far in her Internship ''I enjoy practical work such as Management Preparation. HFCA gives me tasks to complete with external organisations and teach and support me to complete the  work. Another one is the technique of training football for young people. I never had a bank account before HFCA so they teach me how to open it and use banking online. Now I use my bank account for lots of things. I signed my first employment contract with HFCA and it was good to learn how contracts work and I appreciate they pay for me to work and learn at same time''

Borie does temperature checks before each training as she is committed to reduce impact of COVID-19. Image P Grogan.

Borey still wants to continue her football career ''I want to join if HFCA has a Senior team. Even if I study at university, playing football is still good for me because it makes me healthier and make more friends. If HFCA has a Senior team, I’m happy. Moreover, I want my friends who used to play football with me to come to play again."

HFCA spent six months developing this Internship program and we have been delighted with the results. Borey and the other Interns have been very impressive and they are a credit to Cambodian Children's Fund. Borey in particular has a great attitude to fixing problems and managing small projects. HFCA will continue this pilot program beyond our current timelines and look forward to welcoming new participants in 2022 as we believe that long term investment in Cambodian youth is essential to creating a better future for all Cambodians

- Paraic Grogan, HFCA Founder