News HFCA partner International School Phnom Penh make a splash to raise $2700

HFCA are very fortunate to have ISPP (International School Phnom Penh) as a supporter and in particular to have ISPP staff member Brian Webster as the driving force behind the partnership.

Below is Brian's report on a action packed day for the ISPP and HFCA youth who had great fun raising money for HFCA.

The Wipeout Challenge fundraiser on November 3rd was a great success.  Our target figure was $3000 and we managed to raise $2700 which was nearly there!! It was the first time we have done this and it seemed to be very popular with the contestants and the visitors. The challenge involved eight fun games, many involving water, with teams of 10 competing against each other. We had 16 teams and 7 of those teams were the Happy Football kids whose teams had been sponsored by the ISPP staff so that they could compete.  They have never really done anything like this before and loved it.  The winning team was an older boys HFCA team.  The games were fun and generally involved a lot of water to try to replicate the TV Wipeout spirit.  We had food supplied by Mike’s Burgers and the Shop – Mike’s burgers donated some of their profits and the Shop donated rolls for free for us to sell.

Lots of fun and games!

Our two sponsors, Sunbird and Online were also present and donated some of their sponsorship money to the fundraiser.  Many thanks to all of these organisations.All in all a fun day out for all the family and one which I hope will be even more successful next year. I would particularly like to thank Greg Stanton who was responsible for the actual games and the students who worked with us on Wednesday afternoons to make the whole thing a success.  Also to all the other staff, both from secondary and elementary who helped – a big thank you.

Brian Webster

ISPP Staff member

ISPP hosted a Wipeout Fundraiser Event for Happy Football Cambodia Australia at the school's football field. The fundraiser welcomed people of all ages to take part in all the fantastic activities and enjoy all the scrumptious food available. The main event of the day was the Wipeout tournament, where 15 teams of 10 competed in different water-like activities, such as Water Balloon Volleyball, Slip n' Slide, as well as, Tug of War, an obstacle course, a sandbag relay, and many more activities. A few of the teams consisted of children from the HFCA Organization. Young children were able to enjoy themselves with the children's games, such as Hit the Cans, Penalty Shootout, and even a Bouncy Castle! It was a very hot and tiring day, so everyone was able to cool off with nice cold drinks from the Student Council, and stuff themselves with food from The Shop and Mike's Burgers. For those who wanted to buy cheap goods, they were able to look around for items in the Jumble Sale! All in all, it was great fun and hopefully, the Wipeout Fundraiser Event, can continue throughout many years to come!

- Grade 10 ISPP student Khemuni Keo

Thanks to Khemuni and all the ISPP students for their support

Check out the photos here

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