News HFCA partnership with Andy Hains' 1CASA comes to an end

It was with great excitement that HFCA signed an MOU with 1CASA in mid 2018 to run until 31 December 2021.

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the partnership has not been as successful as we wished and HFCA has chosen not to renew it.

"HFCA would like to thank 1CASA for their involvement over the duration of the MOU partnership. Whilst not everything we strived to achieve together worked out, it has been a great learning experience for the HFCA management team and in particular we would like to thank 1CASA founder and CEO Andy Hains for the invaluable lessons he taught us which will stand us in good stead for our future partnerships." Jon Hammond, Marketing and Donor/Sponsorship Manager

1CASA coach Greg Preston and Founder Andy Hains with HFCA players and coaches in 2018 to launch partnership. Picture 1CASA.

HFCA has approached Mr Hains for comment a number of times but there has been no response.